Practice Management

Practice Management Consulting:

Our consulting services include, but limited to:

  • New practices, just getting started
  • Established practices that want to improve their operations and bottom line. We assess the current situation and recommend improvements in areas such as billing practices; policies and procedures; payroll and human resources management and financial applications.
  • Billing staff turnover. MPR will retrain your billing staff on eClinicalWorks for enhanced work efficiencies and staff back-up. Also, MPR will insure that a sound internal control is enforced at all times to discourage dishonesty and staff alliances
  • Practices transitioning for retirement and change in ownership

Our consulting services pay for themselves in improved financial performance and efficient operations.


We save you the time-consuming phone calls and paperwork required to complete proper credentialing that will ensure your practice optimal income through payer networks.


MPR’s practice startup and management services: MPR provides flexible options to physicians that operate either in an employment model, or to those that practice independently. At the heart of our practice management services, our programs help you establish and maintain an efficient workflow while maximizing reimbursements and controlling costs. Our unique array of services encompasses Practice Startup, Business Management and Consulting Services, each of which can be offered on an all-inclusive or a la carte basis.

Practice Startup

While new practice startup can be overwhelming, MPR can give you an advantage by eliminating much of the complexity and confusion. We can provide either a full service package or a partition package to meet your needs.

  • Location site study
  • Site management and facilitation
  • Design and implementation of practice management system
  • Medical records design and implementation
  • Patient flow assessment and design
  • Obtain malpractice coverage
  • Verify and obtain licensure and certificates
  • Apply for Hospital privileges
  • Obtain payer identification numbers
  • Credentialing
  • Contract negotiations
  • Recommend and acquire capital equipment for medical and office supplies
  • Policy and procedure development

Business Management

MPR will build your financial and reimbursement structure for optimal effectiveness, allowing you to focus on the patients while we streamline the business structure.

  • Profitability and overhead management
  • Productivity, practice capacity and staffing
  • Accounts receivable management and collections
  • Contracted payer review
  • Process flow and assessment
  • Credentialing
  • Contract negotiations
  • Policy/procedure development – billing, front office, clinical office, OSHA requirements

HIPAA compliance implementation

Powerful Tools and Reporting: The Lifeline of Every Practice

Management tools provide a detailed picture of the accounts receivable (A/R) for your practice. The report reflects A/R balance at the beginning of the reporting period, plus new charges during the same period, minus payments and contractual adjustments providing A/R ending balance. This tool provides a trend of the practice health and maintains a close monitoring of collections, the lifeline of every practice.

Tracking and management of denied claims helps uncover deficiencies in coding and billing practices. Denial management is used as a tool for the provider or office staff to address coding and billing errors and inconsistencies up-front, instead of correcting a denied claim. Clean claims translate to quicker, more complete payments and an improved bottom line.

The reporting package is developed and customized for each practice, based on the requirements and objectives of the physician(s) and administrative staff. Once in place, the system emails periodic reports to the appropriate recipients, including practitioners, administrative staff and any outside parties such as the practice accountant.

Additionally, we routinely schedule monthly meeting with practitioner and administrative staff. These meetings are tailored to meet each practice need. Frequency is determined by the practice.